Repair & Refurbishment of Forming Shoulders & Sealing Jaws

Former Fab can help you get maximum use out of the equipment you have already invested in.


amaged formers and sealing jaws don’t need to get thrown away and replaced with new tooling. Most of the time they can be repaired and returned to service for about half of the cost of replacement. This is a good time to add features for less cost. You can choose to upgrade to combination seals, add gas flush capability, hard coat for longer wear or our NTC coating for long wearing friction reduction and non stick properties. Ask us about special adaptations to boost your productivity!


Our formers provide precise film tracking, balance, and high product transfer speed. Our proprietary Duralyte formers are up to 40% lighter than our traditional formers, but just as durable. These forming assemblies are designed on our 3D software program that allows us to remove material in strategic locations without compromising rigidity.



Former Fab’s sealing jaws get your product sealed and in transport fast. Our endseals are CAD-designed, then produced using the latest manufacturing techniques. Our sealing jaws are designed for long life, to minimize film waste, maximize product safety and most importantly, your bottom line.

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We are proud to announce the completion of our 30,000-square-foot facility for design, development and product testing at the Former Fab Business Park at 2101 Former Fab Drive on five acres in Pearland, Texas. This enlarged footprint has superb access and allows us to continue growing in step with our customers and accommodate our expanding support role capabilities.



We believe that the best testimonial comes from the fact the Former Fab enjoys one of the highest client retention rates in the industry. Once a Former Fab customer, always a Former Fab customer! However, if you’d like to know more about what Former Fab can do, take a look a what our customers say!

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