Tina Mikes

Business Development Manager

Tina Mikes
Business Development Manager

Over 30 Years Experience

Tina Konidis Mikes is a seasoned professional with a career spanning various industries. With a rich and diverse background, she has honed her skills and expertise over the years, becoming a reliable and respected figure in the business world.

Tina’s journey in the professional realm began in the insurance industry, where she spent a decade perfecting her craft. Her dedication and commitment were evident, leading her to explore new horizons.

After her successful stint in insurance, Tina transitioned into the Electrical and Telecommunication industry, joining Warren Electric. For nine years, she contributed her knowledge and skills to this dynamic field, leaving a mark of excellence.

Tina’s most notable career shift came when she ventured into the Environmental and Industrial Services sector. This career change marked the beginning of a remarkable 19-year journey with OMI Environmental Solutions. During her tenure, she faced some of the largest oil spills in Texas and Louisiana, often serving as a liaison in the command post.

Now, Tina embarks on a new and exciting chapter in her career. She has recently taken on the role of Business Development Manager at Former Fab, Inc. This is a significant development in her professional journey, as she brings her wealth of experience and expertise to this new venture.

One of Tina’s defining traits is her unwavering commitment to customer service. Clients value her not only for her professionalism but also for her priority and sincerity in addressing their needs. She has an innate ability to solve problems efficiently and is a firm advocate for continuous improvement, constantly seeking ways to enhance her services and those of her organization.

Tina Konidis Mikes is based in Houston, Texas, and harbors aspirations for expansion in her career. She is always open to discussing her services and is readily available for consultation. Her dedication to her profession and her clients has earned her a strong reputation, and her commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Outside of her professional life, Tina is a loving wife and a proud mother of three sons and a grandmother to four delightful grandchildren. Her commitment to family mirrors her approach to her career – with love, dedication, and a desire to create a better future for those she cares about.

  • Customer Service
  • Problem Solving
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Competitive
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